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An intelligent way of promoting their unique prop trading program.

Axi Select is a unique capital allocation programme that was specifically designed to help traders succeed professionally. Axi Select offers generous funding up to USD 1 million as part of a structured and fair pathway to help traders meet their long-term and most ambitious trading aspirations.

Axi has employed the use of Rockqet to host their trading community for their Axi Select prop trader program. Axi Select is a unique capital allocation program that was specifically designed to help traders succeed professionally. Axi Select offers generous funding up to USD 1 million as part of a structured and fair pathway to help traders meet their long-term and most ambitious trading aspirations. They advertise their Axi Select Trading Room as a way for their traders to exchange trading ideas with the help of live analysis and educational videos from professionals.

greg rubin head of axi select

“We have seen clients and interactions Growing Rapidly

The Axi Select trading room functions smoothly and we have seen clients and interactions amongst clients and analysts growing rapidly. I am also very proud of the analysis that is being provided in the trading room. I look forward to seeing the room continue to grow and for our offerings to expand. I am truly very happy with the trading room and the service that Desmond provides. I am confident that we will go from strength to strength.

I just want to express my gratitude to Desmond for everything [The Rockqet Team] has done for the Axi Select trading room. Nothing is too big an ask for them and they are happy to go out of their way to tailor the room to meet niche requirements. Whenever there are small bugs or any issues, they get dealt with immediately and resolved promptly. [The Rockqet Team] also takes full ownership of the room and is constantly providing suggestions for ways to improve it. [The Rockqet Team] is a true class act with the knowledge and will to run top-tier trading rooms.

Greg Rubin, Head of Axi Select

Here’s how Axi Select did it

Integrated Charts


Axi Select traders benefit from live charts embedded within chart channels that help fuel organized, trading discussions. Chart channels also have an intuitive, fill-in-the-blanks trading analysis template that helps traders convey their ideas. Hyperlinked charts seamlessly connect with comments, allowing traders to highlight crucial levels and points.

Having Chart Channels within their community has allowed Axi to power their Axi Select traders to easily exchange trading ideas.

Community Learning


By integrating learning materials into the community, Axi Select provides its prop traders with a robust educational platform. This feature enhances the trader education program, offering a dynamic and accessible learning experience.

Axi Select traders can now access valuable resources directly within the community, ensuring continuous growth and skill enhancement for aspiring and seasoned traders alike.

Market Chat


Axi Select has created dedicated channels for various trading instruments to encourage discussion and seamlessly disseminate information to all traders.

From #FundamentalNews to #Metals and #Forex, these channels serve as information hubs, promoting active discussions and ensuring Axi Select traders stay in-the-know of the latest market developments. 


“The Quality of their Content is Top Notch.

We’ve worked with Desmond and [The Rockqet Team] for a few years. We initially engaged them to provide daily market analysis, but over time, we expanded our collaboration to include running monthly webinars, producing eBooks on various topics, and creating educational videos and indicators for our clients. What sets them apart is their proactive and hands-on approach. They consistently offer the best possible solutions and execute tasks in the quickest possible time. The quality of their content is top-notch. Trading is already quite a complex niche, yet they managed to create eBooks and educational videos in a very engaging and user-friendly manner, making them easy to understand even for those with no prior trading experience. I highly recommend Desmond and [The Rockqet Team] to anyone seeking a reliable and results-oriented partner.

Evgeniya Isakova, Head of Content & Partners at Axi

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