VIP Trading Room Built by Global Leader IronFX

The smart way to boost client acquisition and retention.

IronFX created its VIP Room to increase client acquisition, drive deposits and improve overall client retention. IronFX is the award-winning Global Leader in Online Trading, with 10 trading platforms and more than 500 tradable instruments in forex, spot metals, futures, shares, spot indices and commodities. Founded in 2010, IronFX serves retail and institutional customers from over 180 countries across Europe, Asia, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America.

IronFX’s VIP Trading Room has since seen a steady increase in users month by month, now with a total member count of 1,117. With the minimum requirement for entry to the Trading Room being $250, that shows a steady uptrend in financial gains and client investment.


“One of the most Popular Trading Tools of IronFX”

The IronFX VIP Trading Room is one of the most popular trading tools of IronFX and has seen a steady growth in its number of users month by month. The team of expert analysts [Rockqet provides] inside the VIP trading room assist our clients daily helping them with their trading strategies and giving them the latest analysis on multiple trading instruments. It’s a community for traders to interact with each other too and helps to elevate the trading experience for our clients.

Kyriakos Georgis, Group Head of Education & Research IronFX

Here’s how IronFX did it



IronFX has integrated its trading room within its client portal, showing the client which level of benefit he gets based on his deposits. From there, there’s a one-click Single Sign-On (SSO) login that takes members directly to the VIP Portal and automatically assigns them the correct role. This is all done through Rockqet’s comprehensive and easy-to-use Login API.

One of the main ways that IronFX uses the VIP Room to increase deposit size is to tier the benefits. The more a client deposits, the more premium services they get.

Tiers & Leveling


Opting for a personalized leveling system, IronFX has named their tiers and gave them custom icons, deviating from the default Rockqet settings. They’ve chosen to align their tier and rank structure with an army ranking system, infusing a unique flair into their level-up system. 

This tailored approach not only provides a thematic connection that resonates with IronFX’s brand identity, but members also enjoy a gamified experience, fostering a sense of achievement within the trading community.

Integrated Education


IronFX has employed Rockqet’s iFrame and Embeds to enhance the educational experience within their trading community. IronFX’s uses iFrame and Embeds to host live webinars within the community interface.

This innovative approach allows members to watch live webinars without being redirected to external platforms like YouTube. The result is an immersive learning environment, where members can access educational content and participate in live events, all within the centralized space of IronFX’s trading community.

Want your own VIP Trading Room?

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