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For more than 13 years, Vantage has purpose-built their platform and services to help clients trade seamlessly and better capitalize on market opportunities. The Vantage ecosystem serves not only as a platform for investing in financial assets, but also as a hub for learning, exploring, and connecting with other like-minded investors. Vantage holds themselves to the highest regulatory and security standards so clients can invest through them with absolute peace of mind.

Vantage Markets opted for a full-fledged integration of their trading room into their client portal. This includes Login API Integration that not only takes clients to the VIP Room directly from the client portal but automatically assigns them roles that unlock certain privileges based on their account balance. Notably, after working with the compliance departments of 5 different brokerages across different jurisdictions to carefully consider everything we need to be 100% compliant, Vantage was able top open a trading room with their Australia Branch (Vantage AU).

In just a month from launch, the Vantage VIP room has seen a stark increase in live account sign-ups and new community members.


200+ Newly Funded

Live Account Holders


Return in 30 Days

3,800 New Members

In 6 months from Launch

Here’s how Vantage did it

Client Portal


Vantage integrated its Trading Room into its Client Portal to make it easily accessible by its trading community. Here’s a 30-second preview of how the VIP Portal was integrated into the client portal.

Here, clients can browse through all the benefits of the trading room, deposit funds into their live accounts to unlock access, and enjoy a one-click login experience that takes clients from the client portal directly into the trading room.

Login API


By implementing Rockqet’s Login API Integration, Vantage’s clients were not only able to easily access the trading room, but Vantage themselves were able to automatically onboard hundreds of clients whilst segmenting them based on their current account balance and assigning them to respective roles in the new platform.

Users are mapped to the correct access level based on their deposit balances. This allowed them to incentivize users to deposit more funds.


Tiered Access


Vantage Markets has established distinct channels within its trading room, offering exclusive market insights and personalized consultations with its Chief Trader. To elevate the exclusivity of these channels, Vantage has implemented Rockqet’s private channel feature, effectively gating access to only those who meet specific deposit criteria.

Vantage Academy


Using Rockqet’s iFrame and Embeds feature, Vantage has managed to seamlessly integrate its Webinars and Educational Videos directly into its trading community. This strategic move transforms the community into an all-encompassing educational hub, eliminating the need for members to navigate external platforms like YouTube.

By doing this, Vantage not only streamlines the educational experience but also keeps them within the community ecosystem. This not only enhances user convenience but also ensures a focused and centralized learning environment.

“Significantly Enhanced our Client’s Trading Experience”

[Rockqet’s] VIP trading room is one of Vantage’s most popular products available to our global clients. In just a few months of the operation, VIP trading room has already been utilized by thousands of clients to access the latest trading signals and discover the most advanced technical trading strategies. The VIP trading room not only provides clients with high-quality trading signals but also allows them to interact with our excellent third-party analyst team to communicate about the trading products that they are interested in. The VIP trading room has significantly enhanced the trading experience for our clients at Vantage.

Barry Zeng, Head of Retail Clients

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