Tickmill Traders Club Built By Traders For Traders

All-In-One Trading Hub at your Fingertips.

Tickmill has positioned itself as a trusted market leader and innovator. Constructed by traders for traders, the team members at Tickmill possess trading experience dating back to the 80s and have successfully traded on all major financial markets from Asia to North America. Tickmill’s mission is to offer retail and institutional clients globally an exceptional trading environment that empowers them to reach their full potential.

Tickmill began rolling out its trading community at the beginning of February 2023, and in that time, they have seen an increase in live account sign-ups.


130+ Newly Funded

Live Account Holders


Return in 30 Days

Here’s how Tickmill did it

Seamless Onboarding


Although Tickmill opted not to utilize Rockqet’s Login API for automatic client onboarding to increase the exclusivity of their trading room, Rockqet was still able to create a streamlined onboarding process for them and their clients.

We’ve set up a Webhook that sends a notification to Tickmill’s support team’s Discord whenever a new member joins the trading club. When a new member joins, all channels in the trading club are kept inaccessible by way of Rockqet’s Private Channels, ensuring everything is kept private until each member has been manually approved. Access is granted manually once a moderator reviews the applicant’s account, which allows for a higher level of control and moderation over who gets to join the trading club.

Tiered Access


Tickmill uses its Trader’s Club to provide exclusive services to its members based on a tier system. Clients get access to the trading room by opening a live trading account with Tickmill and depositing funds based on 4 tiers.

By leveraging access to and advertising exclusive research, exclusive indicators, special trading strategies, and more by way of their Traders Club, Tickmill was able to quickly increase their number of account sign-ups, and draw in higher deposits per account.



Tickmill has successfully implemented a gamification strategy within its trading community using Rockqet’s Badge System. Community members are incentivized to participate in specific behaviors, fostering increased engagement and camaraderie.

By completing actions such as taking a picture with Tickmill merch or achieving significant trading milestones, members earn badges as tangible markers of their achievements. Members are also allowed to proudly display their earned badges within the community, not only adding a competitive and fun element but also encouraging friendly competition among members.

“Significantly Enhanced our Client’s Trading Experience”

[Rockqet’s] VIP trading room is one of Vantage’s most popular products available to our global clients. In just a few months of the operation, VIP trading room has already been utilized by thousands of clients to access the latest trading signals and discover the most advanced technical trading strategies. The VIP trading room not only provides clients with high-quality trading signals but also allows them to interact with our excellent third-party analyst team to communicate about the trading products that they are interested in. The VIP trading room has significantly enhanced the trading experience for our clients at Vantage.

Barry Zeng, Head of Retail Clients

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