Team Rockqet

Meet the team powering Rockqet. Dedicated to helping brokerages build the most amazing community-building platform. From traders, to developers and designers – we’re brainstorming everyday on ways to take your brokerage’s revenue to the moon. 

Desmond Leong


Desmond heads the product development and investment analysis division of Rockqet.

He is the chief analyst and domain expert to many of the world’s largest brokerages. He built his reputation on using actionable analysis to forecast where the markets are heading with a high degree of accuracy. In his previous roles, he used to advise the trading desks of hedge funds such as Brevan Howard.

Andrew Leong


Andrew is the COO of Rockqet. His meticulousness helps bring balance to the brother duo tag team – ensuring all systems are running smoothly.

Rob Gudipudi


Rob has over 15 years of experience as a full-stack developer. He previously worked at IBM, Mahindra Satyam, GAP and PEGA Systems. He has been working with Desmond for over 5 years and is instrumental in both the planning and building of the Rockqet product.

Peggy (Sirirat)


Peggy (Sirirat) is a proprietary trader here at Rockqet. She has passed multiple prop trading tests from FTMO, MFF and more – cementing herself as one of the most knowledgeable and experienced traders in the company. She also handles the Thai webinars from clients such as IC Markets.

Ketan Rameshchandra


Ketan is a proprietary trader here at Rockqet. He holds a Masters from the Imperial College of London and specializes in fundamental analysis. His primary focus is on the FX and Commodities market. He handles the English and Bahasa webinars.

Emily Saw


Emily is an accomplished Investment Research Analyst at Rockqet. Recognized by industry accolades in 2019, 2020, and 2021 for Best FX Research and Best Equity Research. Emily excels in merging fundamental insights with precise technical analysis to pinpoint lucrative trading opportunities. She also conducts insightful English webinars.

Kaylene Lee


Kaylene is an investment analyst here at Rockqet. She handles the Chinese webinars by IC Markets.

Melanie Chong


Melanie is an Investment Research Analyst at the award winning research firm, Rockqet. She specialises in combining fundamental forecasts with the precision of technical analysis to identify profitable trading setups.


Claudia Thia


Claudia is a jack of all trades. A unique and creative soul, she pursues multiple passions without hesitation. She’s never afraid to be a tad silly if it means brightening someone’s day.

NurAsni Sanusi


Asni is a designer who loves traveling and learning about different cultures, appreciating how they approach problems in different ways. She enjoys going to non-English speaking events and experiencing what it’s like to connect without words.

Tami Ang


Tami’s in charge of spreading positive energy all around! She’s (lowkey) obsessed with interesting content creation and campaign strategies. When she steps away from the desk, you can find her in the kitchen! It’s her way of taking a break and preparing for another day at work!

Tanya Pendaries


Tanya is a creator, a hard worker, and everything in between! She thrives in creative environments and loves mixing work and fun! The only things on her mind at any given time is food, her puppy (who is 5 years old, but will always be a puppy to her), and whatever song is stuck in her head at the moment.

Mohammad Saiful


Friends call him “Cousin Itt” from The Addams Family because his face is 80% hair. He previously worked in electrical engineering until he decided to live in ‘hard’ mode. He quit his already stable job in the middle of the pandemic to pursue his passion for coding.

Vishal Singh


Vishal is an experienced full-stack developer who constantly seeks out innovative solutions to everyday problems. He is a team player who takes pride in his analytical thinking and collaboration skills. Vishal loves video games, especially PUBG: Battlegrounds, hit him up if you’re into Battle Royales!

Owen Ma


Owen is a full-stack developer who loves playing the saxophone and football. He enjoys a challenge and enjoys resolving problems that arise in programming.

Thuta Sann


Thuta is a developer at Rockqet – he specializes in front-end development.

Rachel Pang


Rachel is a foodie who enjoys eating similar types of food from various places to find out which place is best! She tends to pay lots of attention to details, especially regarding food, but she also applies this trait to her testing/QA work. Rachel is skilled in putting the knowledge/skills she learned into practice, and is open to feedback & is always keen to learn as much as possible, constantly seeking to further improve her skills in QA & tech.

Ritika Nikhara


Ritika is a QA Engineer who loves traveling and dancing. She is a fitness freak and loves to make new friends!