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Committed to Compliance

From audit logs, to disclaimers, risk warning and advanced moderation functions. We’ve worked with the compliance departments from ASIC, FCA, FSA, CySEC, VFSC and more.

Compliance-Focused Language

We employ terms such as pivot, support, resistance, and phrases like "potentially" or "it could/might" to align with regulatory requirements.

Secure Disclaimer & Audit Trail

Strengthen compliance with mandatory, customizable disclaimers. Users must explicitly agree, and our audit log timestamps each acceptance, recording user details and IP addresses to eliminate disputes.

Custom Compliance Policies

Enhance compliance with tailored terms of service and privacy policies. Users can review these documents before gaining access, ensuring transparency and adherence to regulations.

Content Moderation Tools

Uphold community standards and compliance with our content moderation tools. Employ profanity filters, banned word lists, and alert systems to maintain a compliant and respectful environment.

Desmond Leong

CEO | Genesiv

For a long time, the world of brokerages competed with each other with low spreads and fast executions. I honestly don’t think that’s sustainable. We need to think of new ways to create sustainable differentiation – and the Genesiv VIP Portal for brokers is the solution to that.